What sets our B2B aatabase
services apart

B2B lead generation


Foundation Of A Strong Marketing Database.

LeadCrunch provides a complete range of services to help our clients improve their marketing programs by leveraging off of the foundation of a strong marketing database.

We provide customer insights and market intelligence data for our client’s target companies and markets, and we also work with clients to improve the quality and completeness of their existing databases through our data validation and improvement services.

The data we provide include business card information, company revenues, employee counts, SIC and NAICS codes, customer behavior and profiles, and several other parameter to meet the exact data needs of our clients.

B2B lead generation


B2B List Building

We have a team of experts who build a contact list that will give you an access to limitless attribute combination of data fields for giving you a database of your ideal targets. We build a well-tailored list as per your needs and ideal prospects.


Build A Custom B2B List

Get access to audiences that matter in your target market and improve your marketing with a targeted contact list. The quality and consistency of targeted B2B lists play an important role in your business success. Our adequate and accurate list building services increases your chances of success.


Updated Data In CRM = More Revenue

If you have bad data and some not there information we can clean and repair your data with our data attach solutions. We clean out the bad data from the database, remove duplicates and then complete and validate the missing one.


Repair your Data For Better Results

The contact database become out-of-date with time where old contacts may not exist anymore or are replaced by a new one which makes it required for you to review and shine your existing database with fresh, additional records.


Target Companies Using Similar Product

We target the organization that use the products related to what you produce so that you know what their necessities are. We recover this information through trusted sources so that the details are correct and not misleading.


Understand The Need Of Your Audience

When you understand the requirements of your target audience and their satisfaction from the product/service of your competitors that they are already using, can be a great start for your business to build your marketing strategy around your competitor’s weakness.

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